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What We Do


We offer a wide variety of servicing here at Manby Motors Limited. We have set servicing options which you can choose from. Or if your car is still under it’s manufacturer’s warranty we can carry out the service which you would get from a main dealer without it invalidating your warranty and at a reduced price.

We provide every customer the service schedule which our mechanics have worked from, which details everything carried out in the service. We do this for the manufacturer’s service and our own service levels.

We send all our customers a reminder one year later reminding you that you car is due for it’s annual service so you don’t have to worry about memorising the date.

We recommend that your vehicle is serviced at least every 12 months, although if you do a lot of mileage we recommend servicing your vehicle every 6 months or 6,000 miles.

By having your vehicle serviced regularly saves you time and money in the long run, by keeping your running costs to a minimum. It also helps identify any issues with your vehicle so it can be rectified. 

We are able to service your vehicle and keep the warranty valid by using block exemption parts. Which means they are manufacturer’s approved parts. By following the manufacturer’s service schedule we can ensure your vehicle is serviced at a reduced price, but whilst still maintaining your manufacturer’s warranty.

For vehicles out of their manufacturer’s warranty we offer our own levels of service: Bronze, Silver & Gold. Which all exceed any manufacturer’s service schedules. However we are very flexible with our services and can alter any service to suit your requirements. You can choose which service you would like and inform us of any extra points you would like us to do and we will change the price accordingly.

Please be aware that our service times can vary from 2-5 hours. So before booking in your vehicle please make sure you are able to manage without your vehicle. However, if this is not convenient for you then please request one of our courtesy vehicles at the time of booking. 

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