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General Motoring

General Motoring

Maintaining your vehicle is essential to help keep your vehicle roadworthy, safe to drive, fuel efficient, reduce pollution and to ensure you’re not a danger to other vehicles or people. Vehicle maintenance ranges from doing weekly cheeks to keeping your vehicle regularly serviced. If you are unsure when your next service is, then have a look in your vehicles handbook or give us a ring and we will be happy to go though the different services we offer, or to inform you what the manufacturer recommends.

It is now required by law that you know basic maintenance about your vehicle on keeping it road worthy and legal to pass your driving test. Candidates are required to answer questions on basic safety checks to ensure the vehicle is safe and legal to use.

We recommend you carry out the following checks at least every month and before long journeys.

- Washing and cleaning your vehicle, making sure windows, lights and door mirrors are clean.

- Checking and topping up fluid levels, including screen wash, engine coolant, engine oil and brake fluid.

- Checking the condition of the vehicle's tyres for damage, air pressure and tread. (The legal limit for tyre tread is 1.6mm)

- Checking that all lights operate correctly.

- Ensuring all the wiper blades clear your screens efficiently.

- Checking the exhaust system is in good working order.

- Check you have an emergency break down kit in your car.

If you are unsure on any of the above checks then we are more than happy to do the checks for you.