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When You Should Have A Diagnostic Check Performed

An engine diagnostic check is needed when the engine management light displays on the dashboard in your car, or if your car is experiencing unusual behaviour. You should note what problems occur, how long they last and what speed you are travelling at, as this may help our technicians in the diagnostic process. The engine management light can occur for many different reasons which is why it's required to have the codes read on the diagnostic equipment.

The diagnostic equipment does not fix the problem but guides our experienced technicians to the areas of where the fault lies. This also helps you and the technician so he doesn't need to take the engine apart unnecessarily or swap different components, saving the technician time which saves you money.


How Engine Diagnostic Checks Are Performed

  • The first step to do is to plug the diagnostic equipment into the vehicles computer. The place it plugs in to varies from vehicle to vehicle however our technicians are able to easily locate this.
  • Once the diagnostic equipment is plugged into the vehicle then it begins to interface with your vehicle's on-board computer.
  • It will then bring up a list of codes which our experienced technicians will compare against the 'problem codes' for your vehicle.
  • However if there are no codes present the diagnostic equipment will also alert the technician of this.
  • If there was codes present the technician will be guided by the codes to easily locate the source of the problem and see what needs to be the appropiate action to solve the problem.
  • We will then price up the correct parts and labour charges to give you an estimate of how much your vehicle will cost to repair. Some issues are simple to fix whilst others can be quite complex.


What Happens After The Diagnostic Check Is Performed?

We will call you and give you an estimate for the repairs needed to your vehicle to fix the problem and explain this to you. Upon request we can also show you the problem when you collect your vehicle.  We will not fill you with technical jargon as we like to make sure our customers understand exactly why things need replacing and what happens if you do or don't carry out the repair.

If your vehicle has a list of codes which was cleared and then on the test drive did not bring any up, then you may be asked to take your vehicle away and use it like normal. But when the light comes on the dash or the initial problems occur again, then to book it back in and bring it to us so we can locate the problem. (This is done so no unnecessary parts are replaced, which saves you money). There is no charge for the second diagnostic check if the same fault is showing for the second time.


Why choose Manby Motors Limited?

We like to ensure our customers understand why parts need replacing and will show you your old parts so you can see what the exact problem with it is.

We plan our diagnostic procedures very carefully in order to find and rectify the fault with as minimal disruption and cost to you.

We never replace anything without getting permission off you and then you are in control to instruct us of what you would like to do. You are in charge at all times and no decisions are made without you.

We invest as much as we can in the latest equipment, software, software updates and training in order to ensure you are getting the best experience possible.



We are very pleased to announce that the newest full time member of our team (Jim) is a Volvo specialist. He is trained to the highest standard possible with all Volvo vehicles. We also have the volvo 'Vida' system (Vehicle Information and Diagnostics For After Sales) which enables us to download the software directly from Volvo.

His extensive knowledge and experience in Volvo vehicles means that we are able to have your Volvo repaired and diagnosed at a lower cost than many other servicing/diagnostic centres. So you can be at ease knowing that your Volvo is in the best hands possible with our fully qualified and experienced Volvo technician.